Embassy devises plans to ensure safety for Vietnamese citizens in Israel

Tuesday, 07/11/2023 16:00
A delegation of the Vietnamese Embassy in Israel on November 6 surveyed field conditions to serve the evacuation of Vietnamese citizens in the host country in case the Israel-Hamas conflict spreads.

Allenby Bridge border gate along Israel-Jordan borderline (Photo: VNA) 

Specifically, they considered travel routes, options for renting cars or deploying vehicles, accommodations, and related immigration procedures to help Vietnamese citizens move to border areas with Jordan by road.

Ambassador Ly Duc Trung said that currently, the Vietnamese community in Israel remains safe, because the dangerous areas are mainly on the southern border close to the Gaza Strip and the northern border adjacent to Lebanon.

However, to prepare for bad situations that can happen at any time, it is necessary to have preparation plans early, he said, adding that the embassy will do its best to ensure safety for Vietnamese citizens.

The embassy has recommended Vietnamese citizens and their families to stay away from fighting zones, and need to have a plan to quickly evacuate human and property to a third country or back to Vietnam.

According to a preliminary survey of the embassy, in case of necessity, the Vietnamese community in Israel wishing to leave the fighting zones is about 250 people, including nearly 200 agricultural trainees and labourers./.

CPV (Source: VNA)