French – Vietnamese painter Vincent Monluc (Photo:

The exhibition displays nearly 100 artworks in watercolor and oil paints painted by Vincent Monluc over the past years, since he returned to Vietnam and participated in live painting tours. Artistic paintings by Vincent Monluc convey his love for Vietnam.

The exhibition presents many landscapes, daily life, portraits of workers on streets, villages and countryside in the three regions of Vietnam.

According to professional painters, Vincent Monluc's paintings have a very unique feature, a new way of expression, interference between the West and the East, rich in humanity.

“The exhibition is named ‘     Giac mo’ because over the past years, he has always had a burning desire to return to his hometown to paint, and when he does it, he still thinks it’s a dream,” said painter Ho Hung, Chairman of the Saigon Watercolor Club. 

Vincent Monluc was born on October 31, 1952 in Vietnam. At the age of 12, he followed his family to settle in France. He started his passion for drawing with watercolors very early and when he was an adult, he worked in the animation industry for a long time.

Sharing about the exhibition, the painter believed that he fulfilled his dream; the biggest desire in life is to live with a love of painting despite having gone through many different jobs. Although he has been able to travel and paint in many places around the world, since 2019, he decided to stay permanently in Vietnam to stabilize his life and create paintings.

For Vincent Monluc, Vietnam always brings great emotions and he wants to explore and see Vietnam through the art of painting.

The exhibition will run until the end of January 20./.