Improving effectiveness of mobilizing young overseas Vietnamese intellectual resources

Saturday, 24/02/2024 10:36
(CPV) - The overseas Vietnamese community is developing strongly, with nearly 6 million Vietnamese people living, studying and working around the world. Among them, the young generation of overseas Vietnamese is an extremely valuable intellectual resource with high professional qualifications, dynamism, creativity and broad vision.

The 5th forum of young Vietnamese intellectuals in 2022 (Photo: VNA)

In 2020, the Government issued a list of 4 priority technology fields for research, development and application: digital technology, physics, biotechnology, energy and environment. This is an important step to proactively participate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Vietnam has a large number of overseas Vietnamese, especially young intellectuals and scientists working in high-tech fields around the world. This intellectual force plays a key role in promoting creative innovation and enhancing the country's competitiveness.

However, the work of connecting overseas Vietnamese resources and intellectuals with domestic demands is still limited. Vietsearch is a technology platform specializing in providing information of Vietnamese experts around the world in all fields. The main users of this data warehouse should be domestic businesses, however, up to now the founders of this platform said that, in addition to research units, only a few large companies have approached to use it. That's also a waste.

In fact, the bridge between domestic demand and overseas Vietnamese intellectuals still happens regularly. Every year, many events are organized by domestic units with the presence of overseas Vietnamese intellectuals. However, there must be innovation to promote the intellectual resources of overseas Vietnamese.

It is necessary to have specific and strong measures to increase the effectiveness of mobilizing young overseas Vietnamese intellectual resources. It must create programs and opportunities to create favorable conditions for young overseas Vietnamese to participate in research, development and technology application projects in priority fields set by the Government.

This can be done through establishing links and cooperation between domestic and foreign organizations and businesses with universities, research centres and overseas Vietnamese intellectual communities. In addition, it is necessary to create incentive mechanisms and financial support for projects and activities related to mobilizing young intellectual resources of overseas Vietnamese.

Improving the effectiveness of mobilizing young intellectual resources of overseas Vietnamese requires initiative, creativity and determination from the government, organizations and businesses, as well as from young overseas Vietnamese intellectuals to make important contributions to socio-economic development of the country, especially in the context of increasingly deep international integration./.

Bich Lien