Overseas Vietnamese in Hungary meet to mark 49th national reunification anniversary

Tuesday, 07/05/2024 10:38
The Vietnamese Association in Hungary and the Hungary-Vietnam Friendship Association organized a get-together in Budapest, Hungary, to mark the 49th anniversary of the liberation of the South and the national reunification (April 30, 1975-2024).
Delegates at the event (Photo: ttdn.vn) 

Speaking at the event, Chairman of the Vietnamese Association in Hungary Vu Quy Duong said the event is an occasion to show gratitude towards fallen soldiers and Hungarian veterans who participated in Vietnam's struggle for national liberation and independence.

Mr. Botz Laszalo, Chairman of the Hungary-Vietnam Friendship Association, expressed his honour and pride to play a part in Vietnam's reunification process as a member of the International Commission for Control and Supervision of the Paris Peace Agreement. He said he has witnessed the comprehensive development of the bilateral relationship which has been nurtured by generations of leaders and people of the two countries.

At the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to Hungary Nguyen Thi Bich Thao expressed her thanks for great contributions of the peace-loving people in the world, including Hungarian friends in the struggle for national defence and construction. As many as 636 Hungarian military and civilian personnel participated in the International Commission for Control and Supervision of the implementation of the Paris Peace Agreement (Commissioner Quadrilateral Committee) from 1973 to 1975.

The event, which is held annually, is an opportunity for the Vietnamese community in Hungary to learn more about Vietnamese history while strengthening the friendship between the two countries./.