Overseas Vietnamese in South Africa raise funds to support Truong Sa district

Friday, 06/05/2022 17:23
A fundraising event has been held by the Vietnamese Embassy in South Africa to support soldiers and islanders in Truong Sa island district and DK1 Platform, helping to protect Vietnam's sovereignty over seas and islands.

Overseas Vietnamese meet for Truong Sa in Poland

Ambassador Hoang Van Loi donates to support Truong Sa district (Photo: VNA)

The collected money will be handed over to the State Commission for Overseas Vietnamese (SCOV) when representatives of the Vietnamese community in South Africa make a trip to Vietnamese islands, which is scheduled for later this year.

According to Vietnamese Ambassador to South Africa Hoang Van Loi, the Vietnamese community in the country always shows active response to activities to support their fellows at home, including assisting residents in flood-hit areas and contributing to the COVID-19 prevention and control fund.

He said that many Vietnamese who could not attend the event directly still donated cash to the fund via bank transfer or through their relatives.

Since 2012, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Naval High Command have coordinated to organise trips for overseas Vietnamese to the country's islands, including Truong Sa island district and DK1 Platform. The trips have helped inspire the pride among overseas Vietnamese and enhance their awareness of protecting national sovereignty over seas and islands.

The Ambassador expressed his hope that more trips will be held in the future.

Recalling her memories during her trip to Truong Sa and DK1 Platform three years ago, Ms. Khuat Tu Anh, an official at the embassy, said that she admires the sacrifice by soldiers and islanders in affirming and protecting national sovereignty over seas and islands, as well as their optimism amid numerous difficulties./.