Overseas Vietnamese participate in aiding earthquake victims in Japan

Tuesday, 16/01/2024 15:29
According to Japan’s Broadcasting Corporation NHK, right in the area near the epicenter of the earthquake on January 1, Mr. Nguyen Chi Thanh Duoc proactively went to aid victims of this disaster many times.
NHK had an online conversation with Mr. Nguyen Chi Thanh Duoc, who lives in Sabae city, Fukui prefecture. (Photo: NHK) 

On January 10, NHK had an online conversation with Mr. Nguyen Chi Thanh Duoc, who lives in Sabae city, Fukui province. He is involved in the food business and managing interns in the area.

Mr. Duoc said that he had just made another relief trip to Vietnamese people in Ishikawa province on January 9. Last week, he made several relief trips to the cities of Wajima, Nanao and Noto Island. He added that the both these areas still lack both drinking water and water for daily activities.

Previously, after seeing information posted on social networks by Vietnamese people living in the earthquake-affected area, he and a group organized the first relief trip to Nanao city on January 3. Many people in the earthquake-affected area said that they had not been able to contact their families for several days because the phone lost signal, there was no water in their residential places and there was no food due to supermarkets being closed.

Mr. Duoc mainly supplies ramen and udon noodles, boxed lunches as well as disposable chopsticks because the earthquake-affected areas have no water.

According to statistics from Ishikawa prefecture, as of December 2022, Wajima city has 25 Vietnamese people, Suzu has 24 people, Hakui has 50 people, Noto-cho has 13 people, Anamizu has 15 people, Nakanoto has 66 people and Shika has 31 people. According to Mr. Duoc, it is difficult to know where Vietnamese people are evacuating.

He also said that in the days right after the earthquake, it was not easy to enter the Wakura Onsen area in Nanao city due to broken roads, but now repairs are taking place quickly, and even trucks can access this area.

According to him, there are still many people isolated in earthquake-affected areas in the province, so he may continue to look to places with Vietnamese people for support.

The government of Ishikawa prefectural said that as of the evening of January 10, the number of deaths due to the earthquake reached 206 people. About 26,000 people out of more than 30,000 people are living in concentrated evacuation points in difficult living conditions./.