Promoting solidarity between Vietnam and Laos

Wednesday, 13/04/2022 15:58
A delegation of the Vietnamese Embassy in Australia led by Ambassador Nguyen Tat Thanh on April 12 visited and congratulated Lao Ambassador Sinchai Manivanh and staff of the Lao Embassy in Canberra on the occasion of the traditional Bunpimay Festival of Laos.

Vietnamese Embassy acts as important bridge between Vietnam - Laos

Ambassador Nguyen Tat Thanh congratulated Ambassador Sinchai Manivanh and all staff of the Lao Embassy

 Ambassador Nguyen Tat Thanh congratulated Ambassador Sinchai Manivanh and all staff of the Lao Embassy, with wishes for a healthy, happy and successful new year.

Mr. Thanh highlighted the significance of the special friendship, solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Laos, and suggested the two sides' representative agencies further promote the tradition of solidarity, and mutual support during their mission in Australia.

The Lao Ambassador expressed his pleasure when welcoming the delegation of the Vietnamese Embassy in Canberra with congratulations on the New Year, right after presenting his credentials and appreciation in Vietnamese for the cordial New Year wishes of Ambassador Nguyen Tat Thanh.

The Lao Ambassador emphasized that 2022 is a year of special significance for the two peoples of Laos and Vietnam because it marks the 60th anniversary of the Vietnam - Lao diplomatic relationship (September 5, 1962 - September 5, 2022) and the 45th anniversary of the signing of the Vietnam-Laos Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation (July 18, 1977 - July 18, 2022).

In that spirit, the two Ambassadors agreed that the embassies of the two countries would coordinate to organize special friendship events and strengthen coordination and mutual support to fulfill tasks and serve the interests of each country and of the ASEAN community.

On this occasion, the two Ambassadors reviewed the positive and outstanding developments of the Vietnam – Laos solidarity and special relationship.

In the complicated context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the two sides still maintained many important diplomatic activities, demonstrating the reliable and close cooperation between the two countries./.