Thailand promotes Vietnamese language teaching at universities

Thursday, 23/03/2023 11:00
The Thai Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation affirmed that he will further promote the cooperation in science, technology, education and training between Vietnam and Thailand, including teaching Vietnamese language in some universities in Thailand.
Delegates at the working session (Photo: VOV)

During a working session with Dr. Anek Laothamatas, Thai Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, on March 20, Vietnamese Ambassador to Thailand Phan Chi Thanh expressed his pleasure at seeing that the strengthening strategic partnership between Vietnam and Thailand has been constantly cultivated and developed in all fields in recent years, including science and technology and education and training.

The Ambassador hoped that the two sides would agree on the contents of promoting cooperation in the coming time, as well as the co-financing mechanism for joint research cooperation tasks, especially in the fields of digital transformation, green transformation, biotechnology and automation.

For his part, Minister Anek affirmed that in recent years, science and technology cooperation activities between Thailand and Vietnam are becoming more and more exciting and substantive.

Thailand is willing to provide scholarships to Vietnamese students to study science and technique in Thailand, with priority given to the medical and nursing fields, Mr. Anek said.

He emphasized that the Thai Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation welcomes the plan to set up a Center for Vietnamese Language and Education in Thailand, and is ready to support Vietnamese language teaching programs at universities in Thailand.

In the immediate future, the Ministry will introduce three universities: Khon Kaen University, Chiang Mai University and Udon Thani University, for research and implementation of the project establishing a Center for Vietnamese Language and Education, he said.

The Thai Minister suggested that the Vietnamese side soon unify the teaching program, and send experts as well as support to train teachers and lecturers for Thailand.

Dr. Anek also agreed with Ambassador Phan Chi Thanh's proposal to expand the Thai language teaching program in Vietnam, not just limited to the current five schools, and add more equipment to the faculties that teach Thai language.

The Thai Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation highly appreciated the study spirit and integration ability of Vietnamese students in Thailand. He affirmed that with the diligence and intelligence of Vietnamese students, Vietnam is a country with the leading development potential in Southeast Asia today./.