Vietnam Gate - a symbolic work in Vietnam – Morocco relations

Tuesday, 29/11/2022 16:21
A ceremony has just been held by the Vietnamese Embassy in Morocco to inaugurate the Vietnam Gate at Douar Sfari village, on the outskirts of Kénitra city, Morocco.
Vietnamese gate in Morocco (Photo: VNA)

Speaking at the ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to Morocco Dang Thi Thu Ha said that in 1963, the Moroccan Gate in Vietnam, a work with bold Moroccan architecture, was built by Moroccan soldiers in Ba Vi district, Hanoi. These are those who together with Vietnamese people fought to defend the Fatherland. Today, the Vietnamese Embassy and the families of those soldiers have built the Vietnam Gate in Morocco to expressed gratitude to King Hassan II and King Mohammed VI for allowing the families to repatriate, providing land and housing, and creating favorable conditions for them to quickly integrate into the host society.

This work also helps future generations always remember the origin of Vietnam, cherish the common memories of the two nations, and jointly contribute to developing relations between Vietnam and Morocco.

"The Vietnamese Gate in Morocco as well as the Moroccan Gate in Vietnam are symbols of friendship and common values of the two countries such as love for peace, hospitality and gratitude," said Ambassador Dang Thi Thu Ha.

The Vietnamese gate in Morocco is cast in monolithic concrete in the traditional village gate model, with dragon heads, knives and tiles brought from Vietnam, and patterns carved on stone by craftsmen in Taza region of Morocco.

Next to it, there is a stele recording the history of the Vietnamese Village in Morocco.

At the ceremony, the guests planted trees, enjoyed dance performances, martial arts, lion dance and traditional dishes of Vietnam.

On this occasion, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the State Commission for Overseas Vietnamese Pham Quang Hieu sent congratulatory letters and gifts to the Vietnamese community in Morocco, contributing to the construction of the Vietnam Gate./.