Vietnam joins 54th international charity fair in Indonesia

Thursday, 09/11/2023 15:58
Vietnam joins the 54th annual international charity bazaar held by the Women’s International Club (WIC) in Jakarta of Indonesia from November 8-9.
Vietnam's booth at the fair (Photo: VNA)

The event attracted the participation of 40 embassies in Indonesia. More than 300 local businesses introduced their food and beverage products at the fair.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Indonesian President’s wife Irina Joko Widodo said that the fair was a special occasion, demonstrating the rich diversity of cultures and the spirit of generosity that unites all people in the world as well as in the region. The fair also contributed to supporting disadvantaged people in Jakarta.

At the fair, Vietnam’s booth displayed plenty of traditional Vietnamese cuisine and handicrafts such as handicrafts, lacquer paintings, jewelry and ceramics.

A representative from the Vietnamese Women's Association shared that delicious Vietnamese dishes, such as spring rolls, bread abd and fried dumplings had attracted huge attention from foreign visitors.

According to the organizers, the proceeds from the fair aim to create meaningful and lasting impacts on the lives of impoverished people, helping them to achieve their dreams and have a better life.

Apart from providing scholarships to students, the WIC is currently sponsoring many local social organisations, including elderly care centres, orphanages, and schools for children with disabilities and special circumstances./.