Headquarters of the Vietnamese Embassy in Laos (Photo: CPV)

At present, the Lao government continues to close international border gates, main border gates and secondary border gates for general entry and exit activities until the end of January (except for Lao citizens and foreigners with urgent need of entry into and exit from Laos, allowed by Laos’ National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention).

In that context, the Vietnamese Embassy in Laos said that Vietnamese citizens living, working and studying in Laos continue to be allowed to leave Laos to return home through international border gates, on the condition that they must register their intentions with the Vietnamese Embassy in Laos or the Vietnamese Consulates General in Luang Prabang, Savannakhet or Pakse.

The Embassy and Consulates General of Vietnam will collect the list, report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and related authorities of Laos to consider and create conditions for Vietnamese citizens to exit through international border gates.

The list of people applying for return home are published on the websites of the Vietnamese Embassy and Consulates General for easy monitoring.

There have been 166 times with more than 50,000 Vietnamese citizens leaving Laos to return home through international border gates since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In recent days, the number of people registering to return home has increased significantly. On January 5 alone, more than 1,125 people registered to return home with the Vietnamese Embassy in Vientiane. It is expected that closer to Tet, the number of people applying to return home will increase.

Citizens can register directly or register online at:

1. Vietnamese Embassy in Laos:

No 85, 23 Singha Road, Ban Phonxay, Saysettha District, Vientiane Capital.

Email: vnemb.lao@mofa.gov.vn; vnemb.lao@gmail.com.

Phone: 02096106775; 02095976868; 02098347979; 02097606868.

Website: https://vnembassy-vientiane.mofa.gov.vn

2. Consulate General of Vietnam in Savannakhet:

Santiphap Road, Group 38, Ban Phonxavangtay, Kaysonphomvihan City, Savannakhet Province.

Email: lanhsusavan20@gmail.com.

Phone: 02092693888; 02098208666.

Website: https://vnconsulate-savanakhet.mofa.gov.vn

3. Consulate General of Vietnam in Luang Prabang:

15/II, Watthat Villages, Phothisalath Road, Luang Prabang.

Email: tlsqlpb@yahoo.com.

Phone: 02092886886; 02091112345.

Website: https://vnconsulate-luangprabang.mofa.gov.vn

4. Consulate General of Vietnam in Pakse:

31 Phabat, Pakse City, Champasak.

Email: nguyenhai1666@gmail.com.

Phone: 02093411290; 02098362929; 02097991818.

Website: https://vnconsulate-pakse.mofa.gov.vn