Vietnamese Football Congress in Japan’s Kanto

Wednesday, 20/03/2024 15:45
The Opening Ceremony and qualifying matches of the Vietnamese Football Congress 2024 in Kanto region has been organized at Redsland Stadium in Saitama Province, Japan.
At the opening ceremony (Photo: VNA)

This is an annual sports event organized by the Vietnam - Japan International Exchange Organization (FAVIJA), under the sponsorship of the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan.

The event has attracted the participation of 76 football teams, selected from nearly 100 amateur teams in the region.

The qualifying round will be divided into 19 groups, each with four teams, competing simultaneously on 12 pitches within Redsland Stadium on weekends.

At the end of the qualifying matches, 40 teams with the best results in each group will compete in the regional finals taking place on April 7.

Sports activities held annually and throughout the year have contributed to creating a healthy and useful playground, strengthening bonds within the Vietnamese community in Japan as well as promoting exchanges with local people.

FAVIJA President Do Quang Ba said that through the annual football tournament, the organizers promote, among Vietnamese young people studying and working in Japan, the awareness of obeying the host country's laws as well as calling for donations to build Vietnamese pagodas in Tokyo, and a fund to support Vietnamese people in difficulty in Japan.

With about 2,000 amateur players participating in the football congress and about 3,000 fans who are overseas Vietnamese and local people, the Vietnamese Football Congress in the Kanto region becomes an exciting sports festival for the Vietnamese community in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The teams with the highest rankings in each tournament will be selected to participate in the final round of the Vietnamese National Football Championship Cup in Japan 2024 (FAVIJA CUP 2024) held in December./.