Vietnamese in Laos, Thailand celebrate First Full Moon Festival

Sunday, 25/02/2024 10:19
Vietnamese people living in Laos and Thailand on February 24 celebrated the First Full Moon Festival, also known as Thuong Nguyen or Nguyen Tieu.
Vietnamese Buddhist followers and people in Laos pray for
a peaceful nation and happy families (Photo: VNA) 

At Phat Tich pagoda in Vientiane capital city of Laos, Vietnamese Buddhist followers and people offered incense to pray for a peaceful nation and happy families, and a thriving Vietnam-Laos relationship.

At Canh Phuoc pagoda in Thailand’s Bangkok capital city, Vietnamese people joined a peace-praying ceremony – one of the most important worshipping rituals at the beginning of a new year in the culture of Vietnamese people.

Buddhists and participants in the festival also enjoyed vegetarian dishes prepared by the pagodas.

The first full moon of the lunar calendar is one of the four largest Buddhist festivals in which Vietnamese people, especially Buddhists, visit pagodas to pray for peace and prosperity for the country and people./.

CPV (Source: VNA)