Vietnamese journalist and director’s exhibition to be introduced in Japan and Taiwan (China)

Thursday, 23/03/2023 16:17
The exhibition "Dare to live a brilliant life" by journalist-director Nguyen Bong Mai will be introduced in Japan and Taiwan (China) in late April, along with the series of events of the Overseas Vietnamese Liaison Association.
Some photos at the exhibition held at the Vietnamese Women's Museum (Photo: 

Previously, the exhibition "Dare to live a brilliant life", sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Vietnam, took place at the Vietnamese Women's Museum from February 18 to March 1.

This is also a collaboration between journalist-director Bong Mai and Vietnamese Women's Museum with the common desire of both sides to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Vietnamese women.

The paintings throughout the journey through Vietnam "99 days of alone journey but not alone", stories and situations "in the trip imbued with culture-humanity" have helped the exhibition attract a large number of visitors.

In addition, at the exhibition, 34 photos of ethnic minorities and 55 ethnic costumes are displayed in detail, highlighting the rich and unique culture of the S-shaped land.

With the positive spread and spiritual values of the exhibition, the Overseas Vietnamese Liaison Association invited journalist Bong Mai to bring the exhibition to the overseas Vietnamese community.

The event will be held in Taiwan (China) and Japan at the end of April with the series of activities of association, aiming to connect and promote the dynamic and creative image, culture and people of Vietnam to the region and the world, opening a program to promote tourism, trade and investment in Vietnam./.