Vietnamese seafood products make good impression in US market

Thursday, 14/03/2024 16:25
An event named "The discussion with Vietnamese Ambassador to the US Nguyen Quoc Dung at Boston Seafood Expo 2024" was co-organized by the Vietnamese Businessmen Association in the US (VENUSA), the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), and the Vietnamese Agricultural Counselor in the US, in the framework of the North American Seafood Expo held in Boston, US from March 10-12.
Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Dung and Vietnamese businessmen at the discussion (Photo: VENUSA)

Speaking at the discussion, the Vietnamese Ambassador to the US Nguyen Quoc Dung was impressed by the broad participation of leading Vietnamese seafood businesses.

This proves that Vietnam's seafood exports have a solid position in demanding markets like North America. Many Vietnamese export products have made a good impression on international friends and partners, he said.

The Ambassador updated the participants on the situation of economic trade exchange and bilateral investment cooperation between Vietnam and the US. He also discussed the remaining constraints for businesses to overcome, as well as areas to seize promotion and promote collaboration opportunities.

The participants also listened to useful and constructive input from the VASEP, agricultural counselors, and businesses in shrimp, pangasius, and ocean tuna export. Another highlight is the feature of lawyer Matthew McConkey, who has over 20 years of experience providing legal advice on pangasius anti-dumping to Vietnamese businesses entering the US market.

Ms. To Thi Tuong Lan, Deputy Secretary General of VASEP, updated the situation of seafood exports to the US market in 2023, and the first quarter of 2024.

According to her, regarding the Vietnamese businesses in the Boston Seafood Expo 2024, the slogan "Vietnam - Sustainable destination for seafood", affirmed the industry's development towards sustainable seafood production, processing and export. This complies with the requirements of Vietnam and the import market as countries are aiming for a green economy and sustainable fishing.

Agricultural Counselor in the US Pham Quang Huy praised Vietnam's efforts in promoting the US Government and Congress to consider recognizing Vietnam as a market economy. If successful, it will bring many advantages for exporting goods to the US market, especially seafood.

Professor Nguyen Dinh Phu, Chairman of the VENUSA and Vice Chairman of the Association of Overseas Vietnamese Businessmen (BAOOV), emphasized that Vietnamese businesses were very proactive at the Boston Seafood Fair. They actively engaged and signed contracts with partners not only from the United States but also from around the world. International visitors showed particular interest in specialized aquatic products from Vietnam such as pangasius, shrimp and ocean tuna.

The VASEP set a 1,600 square-foot area for a private booth and a joint booth at the 2024 North American Seafood Exhibition. This activity is a part of the National Trade Promotion Program of Vietnam. As many as 17 Vietnamese businesses exhibited their products at the expo./.