Vietnamese Studies Center opens in Thailand’s Khon Kaen

Monday, 10/06/2024 14:30
A Vietnamese Studies Center has been launched by the College of Asian Scholars (CAS) and the Vietnamese Consulate General in Khon Kaen at the college's campus.
Delegates at the opening ceremony (Photo: NDO)

Speaking at the opening ceremony held on June 8, Vietnamese Consul General in Khon Kaen Chu Duc Dung believed that the Vietnamese Studies Center will contribute to effectively meeting the demand for Vietnamese language skills across various sectors, including government agencies and organizations in teaching, business, interpretation, tour guiding, and other fields in Vietnam and Thailand.

The Consul General offered his vision for the center’s future, encouraging cooperation agreements with several Vietnamese universities to facilitate student exchanges and temporary work opportunities. He also proposed incorporating Vietnamese language into the university curriculum, potentially enabling it to become an official subject.

In addition, he suggested offering scholarships to Vietnamese students and establishing connections between Thai scientific, technological institutions, organizations and businesses with their Vietnamese counterparts.

Consul General Dung expressed his hope that the Vietnamese Studies Center align their goals for the development of Vietnamese language education, toward the awarding of degrees in the Vietnamese language to graduates of Khon Kaen University.

The Vietnamese Studies Center at the College of Asian Scholars in Khon Kaen is the second center of its kind in Thailand, following the one established at Udon Thani Rajabhat University.

The College of Asian Scholars is founded by Professor Dr. Krasae Chanawongse, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Minister of Education of Thailand, and is a prestigious educational training facility in the Northeastern Thai region./.