China’s Zhejiang province attract more Vietnamese tourists

Wednesday, 09/08/2023 13:06
The Department of Culture and Tourism of the Zhejiang provincial organized an event to promote tourism and culture exchanges between Vietnam and Zhejiang province in Hanoi on August 8.
At the event (Photo: VOV)

Zhejiang province, where has Hangzhou city, has long been a familiar destination for Vietnamese tourists, and the Beijing - Shanghai - Hangzhou - Suzhou tourism route is popular among tourists.

The 19th Asian Games (ASIAD) which will be held in September and October this year is set to be a great opportunity for Zhejiang to attract more and more tourists, including those from Vietnam.

According to Zheng Ni, a representative of Zhejiang province’s Department of Culture and Tourism, the province will launch three tourism products specifically for Vietnamese tourists. They include a tour to discover the history of Zhejiang, a tour across three rivers and joining recitation, as well as a tour to explore Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province which will host upcoming ASIAD 19.

She said that Vietnam is also a favorite destination of Chinese tourists in general, as well as tourists from Zhejiang in particular because they love Vietnam’s diverse culture.

Nguyen Quy Phuong, Head of the Tourism Promotion Management Department under Vietnam National Authority of Tourism, said China has always been a key market for the Vietnamese tourism sector. In the first seven months of 2023, Vietnam welcomed over 737,000 Chinese tourists. Simultaneously, China is also a favorite destination among plenty of Vietnamese tourists.

The event created an opportunity to connect tourism businesses of the two countries, helping to promote and widely share the image and potential of Zhejiang tourism to the Vietnamese business community and people, promoting tourism cooperation and contributing to further development of the Vietnam - China strategic partnership./.