Ha Giang launches travel program “Marching in his footsteps”

Wednesday, 27/03/2024 23:30
The Ha Giang Tourism Association has coordinated with the provincial Youth Union to organize the experiential travel program “Marching in his footsteps” with the participation of more than 110 union members, youth and tourists.
Delegates and tourists marched on foot on a 15 km route. (Photo: hagiang.gov.vn)

In the fight to protect the northern border, border communes of Vi Xuyen district, Thanh Thuy commune were fierce battlefields. Here, soldiers marched on high mountain slopes to the border to fight and protect every inch of their homeland.

The program aims to help visitors feel the hardships and great sacrifices of the soldiers of the past who sacrificed their lives for the nation’s independence and freedom, thereby continuing their revolutionary journey. The program has brought visitors to many historical locations, many meaningful gratitude activities, towards the roots with unique values.

In the experience, tourists wear soldier’s costumes, burn incense and commemorate fallen heroes at high point 468, Thanh Thuy commune, Vi Xuyen district. They can hear a summary of the historical story of the resistance war to protect the Fatherland on the northern border from veterans who directly fought at the Vi Xuyen front.

Next, tourists march to the forward surgery station in Pinh village (Thanh Son village, Thanh Thuy commune, Vi Xuyen) and offer incense at the Martyrs' Memorial House of Pinh village.

Mr. Lai Quoc Tinh, Chairman of the Ha Giang Tourism Association, said the program aims to promote the traditions of “drinking water, remember its source”, “eternal gratitude to the heroic martyrs” of our people, especially teaching the patriotic spirit to Ha Giang youth and union members and youth nationwide./.