Hanoi stimulates demand for accommodation at 4-5 star hotels

Friday, 14/06/2024 10:42
Many 4-5 star hotels in Hanoi have preferential policies aiming to attract tourists.
Stimulus program to experience 4-5 star hotels in Hanoi. (Photo: hanoimoi.vn)

On June 13, the Hanoi Department of Tourism organized a stimulus program for Hanoians and tourists to experience Hanoi’s 4-5 star hotel services.

Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Tourism Nguyen Hong Minh said that the capital’s tourism industry has shown many signs of improvement, but there are still many problems and challenges that need to be resolved, such as an unsynchronized system of tourist accommodation facilities which has not met the growth rate and diverse needs of tourists.

“Currently, Hanoi lacks large-scale hotels with over 1,000 rooms and synchronous services. The system of restaurants, culinary service establishments, and shopping services is developed but is still scattered and has not been linked to create an effective input value chain to increase the value of tourism products. Travel businesses are still small in scale, lack businesses interested in investing in building unique, typical products, and highly competitive businesses leading the international tourism market,” Mr. Nguyen Hong Minh stated.

How to attract Hanoi visitors to rest, travel, and stay, and at the same time, attracting more tourists to stay in Hanoi is an issue that delegates are interested in discussing.

Marriott Hanoi Hotel. (Photo: The organizers)

At the conference, representatives of 4-5 star hotels in Hanoi said that they offered many policies to stimulate tourism demand since this summer. Specifically, Métropole hotel has a preferential policy for guests booking on weekends, allowing guests to check in at 12:00 pm and check out at 2:00 pm. Marriott hotel offered discounts for families on vacation at a price of 4.5 million a night with many services such as breakfast, afternoon tea, and BBQ experience. Silk Path Hotel offers 15% discount to tourists this summer.

According to Director of the Hanoi Department of Tourism Dang Huong Giang, although summer is not the peak tourist season, Hanoi attracts a number of new visitors with high spending ability, including international students returning for summer vacation.

Aiming to attract tourists to experience at hotels, the Hanoi Department of Tourism recommends that hotels develop programs and product packages to attract domestic tourists to Hanoi during off-peak times; form links and cooperation between management agencies, associations, airlines, travel service businesses, tourist accommodation establishments, transportation companies, and destinations to create synchronization in the development of the city’s tourism products./.