Hanoi suburban tourism: Attractive destination in summer

Saturday, 01/06/2024 22:14
(CPV) - With many upgraded and renewed tourism products, Hanoi suburbs are becoming an ideal entertainment and relaxation choice for tourists this summer. Visitors can participate in many different experiences such as mountain climbing, relaxation and medical treatment.
Tourists learn about the craft of making soy sauce at Duong Lam ancient village (Son Tay town). (Photo: HNMO)

Building and renewing tourism products

Recently, Hanoi has appeared in community tourism villages of the Dao and Muong ethnic minority people, focusing on medical tourism, bringing a different experience to tourists.

The Mien village community tourism area of the Dao people (Ba Vi district), just launched at the end of April, creating an attractive destination. With the Dao people's tradition of growing medicinal herbs, the Ba Vi District People's Committee coordinated with the Asian Tourism Development Institute to build medical tourism products.

Head of the Ba Vi District Department of Culture and Information Le Khac Nhu said the district has organized many training classes to guide Dao people on how to do tourism, from welcoming attitude to service style.

According to Head of the Asian Tourism Development Institute Pham Hai Quynh, the Mien community tourism area is emerging as a distinct destination, helping tourists have a safe and attractive experience. Since its launch, this place has welcomed many delegations from Hanoi and other provinces and cities. As planned, the area will have its landscape renovated and upgraded medicinal bathing and acupressure areas for visitors.

Health care tourism products have also developed in the suburbs of Hanoi such as the Medi Thien Son tourist area, Ao Vua tourist area, Thien Son - Suoi Nga tourist area (Ba Vi District) and Soc Son tourist area, with popular products such as herbal bathing and oriental medicine acupressure.

Ta Huu Chien, Director of SunVina Tourism Company, an enterprise that is maintaining health care tourism products in Soc Son, said that health care products combined with tourist destinations create a new experience for tourists. Thanks to that, visitors have more options for their vacation.

Promoting strengths to attract tourists

One of the destinations that has attracted a large number of domestic and international tourists over the past times is Duong Lam Ancient Village (Son Tay town). A new feature in tourism activities here is the development of agricultural experience products. Visitors can join the people in planting rice, herding buffalo, making candy or making soy sauce.

Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism often holds monthly and weekly activities to attract tourists. (Photo: baodantoc.vn)

Head of Duong Lam Ancient Village Management Board Nguyen Dang Thao said that at the end of March, Duong Lam Ancient Village welcomed a delegation of nearly 50 people from many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Japan. to experience agricultural and rural tourism products. This product is expected to continue to be a highlight in tourist experiences this summer.

In addition, to welcome visitors this summer, the Management Board of Duong Lam Ancient Village has launched the experience product "Heritage Gamification" for visitors to explore heritage in Duong Lam with realistic games such as finding secret letters and treasures or decoding puzzles. "This is a product suitable for large families, companies, and businesses," Mr. Nguyen Dang Thao added.

Another experiential tourist destination expected to attract tourists in the summer months is the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism (Dong Mo, Son Tay town). Here, visitors can experience the typical architectural spaces of ethnic groups such as the Central Highlands space, Cham ethnic space or Northwest ethnic space. Tourists cannot  only take beautiful check-in photos but also participate in activities, festivals and cuisine with ethnic people.

Besides familiar destinations, Hanoi has also formed many new attractive tourist destinations in the suburbs such as Quang Phu Cau incense stick village (Ung Hoa district), Hong Van ornamental craft village tourist destination (Thuong Tin district), Me Linh flower village (Me Linh district) and Dan Phuong ecological area.

According to the Hanoi Department of Tourism, suburban tourism is promoting its strengths and creating highlights to attract tourists. Director of Hanoi Department of Tourism Dang Huong Giang said that although summer tourism is not yet the "golden season" of Hanoi tourism, different and unique products in both the inner city and suburbs help visitors have more interesting options this summer./.

Thuy Linh