Series of attractive light events in Hoi An this summer

Wednesday, 05/06/2024 15:35
The ancient town of Hoi An in the central province of Quang Nam is expected to attract numerous tourists with a series of summer events scheduled from June 1 to September 2.

Among them, the “Light to sky” festival becomes a unique highlight with a series of interesting experiences.

A series of attractive light events in Hoi An this summer

Earlier, on the night of June 2, at Hoi An Memory Island, for the first time in the sky of Hoi An, a drone light show, Light to Sky Festival, took place with the performance of hundreds of drones. The performance conveys unique cultural stories of the heritage region in three performances: sound leads the way, light opens the way and exploring the sky.

Each drone light performance tells cultural and historical stories, following the flow of time, evoking the journey from the past to the present. At the same time, it carries the meaning of hope, luck, happiness and faith. 

Besides, the Light to Sky Festival also brings unique experiences to local people and tourists, lighting up a brilliant “paradise of light”. Throughout the event, a series of light mini shows were performed, bringing viewers many emotions through performances combined with LED and unique lighting.

In particular, local people and tourists also have the opportunity to participate in releasing wish lanterns, lighting up the sky of the heritage region with their beliefs and wishes./.