TV show on rural scenery and Vietnamese farmers to be launched

Thursday, 11/04/2024 16:15
Yeah1 Group will coordinate with the Center for Agricultural Trade Promotion under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the TikTok platform to launch a reality TV show, called “Haha Farmers”, in the fourth quarter of 2024, said the unit’s representative on April 10.
Artists participating in the program as guests will carry their suitcases and explore destinations across the S-shaped land. (Photo: NDO)

President of Yeah1 Group Le Phuong Thao affirmed: “The program aims to popularize and promote the image of Vietnam without limitation. These are beautiful landscapes, craft village tourism, people, culture and agricultural products of each region.”

“Haha Farmers” also aims to promote the national program “One Commune One Product” (OCOP), intensify building brands, and popularize and support consumption of agricultural products on digital media. This will contribute to promoting domestic e-commerce and international trade for local products.

Artists participating in the program as guests will temporarily leave the city to return to peaceful lands. To become real farmers, they will have to make their livelihood by farming, raising livestock, fertilizing and harvesting agricultural products to together create a small and cozy family which is full of laughter in the countryside.

The guests in the program will temporarily leave the city to return to peaceful lands and experience the work of a real farmer.

During the program, the audience will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery throughout the countryside, feel the warmth of human love, cultural identity and the richness of Vietnamese agricultural products.

According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan An, a media representative, the program hopes to strongly convey the message to urban youth to form natural connections with local people, culture and natural scenery, stimulating the desire to experience and the spirit of freedom of young people and the broader public, contributing to promoting the development of the country’s tourism.

The program was inspired by the original “Haha Farmer” produced by MangoTV in 2019. Since airing exclusively on Hunan Television, “Haha Farmer” has been rated one of the most popular shows in China, attracting a large number of young audience members./.