Vietnam named among world's safest places for solo female travel

Wednesday, 10/04/2024 11:06
“When it comes to the safest destinations for women backpacking in Southeast Asia, Thailand and Vietnam still vie for the top spot, but Vietnam is a good place to start,” British magazine Time Out wrote.

The magazine has named Vietnam one of the world's nine safest destinations for solo female travelers and it was the only Southeast Asian representative in this list.

Vietnam, with its majestic natural beauty from mountains, seas and ancient villages, has attracted millions of tourists every year. From Hanoi to vibrant cities like Ho Chi Minh City and famous destinations like Hoi An and Hue, are all suggested by Time Out editors as places where visitors will discover many interesting things.

Vietnam is the safest for women traveling alone.

What makes Vietnam an ideal destination for women traveling alone is its convenient and developed transportation network. Regardless of whether you choose to travel by train, bus or motorbike, you can easily get to everywhere you want to explore.

In addition, the hospitable and friendly culture of Vietnamese people is also an important factor that makes tourists feel secure when visiting this country. The support and enthusiasm of local people helps visitors feel more confident and safe on their journey.

Beyond culture and landscape, Vietnam is also famous for its diverse and attractive cuisine. Visitors will enjoy typical dishes from all over the country, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.

With developed infrastructure, hospitable culture and diverse cuisine, Vietnam is truly a safe and exciting destination for women who want to go on solo adventures.

In addition to Vietnam, the list also includes Sri Lanka, Portugal, Czech Republic, Japan, Guatemala, Australia, Greece and New Zealand./.