Dong Nai remains magnet for foreign investors

Saturday, 18/05/2024 11:00
Industrial parks in the southern province of Dong Nai continued to see a strong influx of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the first months of this year, which has surpassed the yearly target by nearly 20%.
A corner of Go Dau industrial park in Dong Nai province (Photo: VNA)

The Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authority (DIZA) said the parks have lured 40 FDI projects worth 519 million USD so far this year, while 39 others have adjusted their capital up by 315 million USD.

The new projects, mainly in the manufacturing of semiconductors, and electronics and components, mechanical engineering, and garment-textile, satisfy requirements in terms of environment, labour, and technology set by Dong Nai.

Singapore was the biggest investor with nine projects valued at 231.73 million USD, the DIZA said.

During the viewed period, the industrial parks saw six domestic projects increase their capital by 1.05 trillion VND (41.25 million USD), and a new project worth 998 billion VND.

Dong Nai, a neighbouring province of the southern largest economic hub of Ho Chi Minh City, houses 33 industrial zones covering more than 10,500 hectares, of them 32 already operational. It is home to nearly 1,600 valid FDI projects with a total capital of over 34 billion USD by 44 countries and territories./.

CPV (Source: VNA)