Ho Chi Minh City’s power sector named among world’s 50 smart grid index

Friday, 10/02/2023 14:30
The Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVNHCMC) was ranked 47 among 94 power companies in the world in smart grid construction and 2nd in Southeast Asia by Singapore’s SP Group.
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A ceremony has been held to announce EVNHCMC entering the Top 50 of the smart grid rankings in the world.

According to EVNHCMC, in 2022, 94 power companies in the world participated in scoring and ranking smart grids according to SP Group’s SGI (Smart Grid Index) index, an increase of 8 power companies compared to the previous year 0.

EVNHCMC General Director Nguyen Van Thanh said that according to SP Group’s smart grid assessment results in 2022, EVNHCMC has achieved 71.4 points with outstanding indicators of monitoring and control.

The results saw an increase of 3.6 points and 6 places compared to the evaluation table in 2021 (67.9 points, ranked 53 out of 86).

SP Group’s smart grid index is measured by seven dimensions, namely monitoring and control, supply reliability, green energy, data analytics, distributed energy resources integration, security, and customer empowerment and satisfaction./.