Protocol signed to officially export durian to China

Wednesday, 13/07/2022 16:05
Vietnam has signed a protocol on phytosanitary requirements for Vietnamese durian exported to China.
 Vietnamese durian (Photo:

After four years of negotiation, on July 11, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan signed the protocol which is an important condition for Vietnamese durian to have a sustainable import market.

The protocol will be sent to the General Administration of Customs of China and published on its portal, together with lists of eligible durian growing areas and packing facilities of Vietnam.

According to the protocol, Vietnam’s fresh durian fruit must comply with China’s laws, regulations and standards related to food safety and hygiene, as well as phytosanitary requirements.

The protocol stipulates that all growing areas registered for export to China must build a quality management and traceability system, apply Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), and ensure conditions such as cleaning the cultivating garden, location away from sources of pollution, and immediately removing fallen and rotten fruits.

Aiming to export durian fruit to the Chinese market, the Plant Protection Department has directed the entire plant quarantine system to check the origin of goods related to the planting area codes, packaging codes, and labeling specifications.

At the same time, the Department will immediately organize training for relevant parties on China’s durian import requirements to support and facilitate the parties to quickly bring satisfactory fresh durian products to China.

The fruit will be allowed to officially be exported to China after the protocol is publicized./.