Vietnam-China container transport surges in first half of 2024

Wednesday, 10/07/2024 10:24
Container intermodal cargo ships have become the main transportation method to promote Vietnam-China trade exchange, with impressive figures of 4,928 containers in the first half of the year, a year-on-year rise of 1,565%.
A corner of Nanning International Railway Port. (Photo:

Chinese media reported that, according to statistics from the Nanning Railway Bureau, Guangxi, China, in the first six months this year, China-Vietnam intermodal freight trains departing from Guangxi transported 4,928 cargo containers, a year-on-year rise of 1,565%, accounting for 74% of the country’s cargo containers exported to Vietnam.

In the six months, Vietnam-China intermodal freight trains departing from Guangxi mainly transported construction materials, chemicals and electronic products, of which the volume of raw paper, engines and dry food increased by 80%, 270% and 319%, respectively, over the same period last year.

Aiming to improve the efficiency of Vietnam-China intermodal freight trains, the Nanning Railway Bureau always shares relevant information with Vietnamese railway units to promptly notify relevant agencies to quickly complete import procedures, thereby shortening time and improving customs clearance efficiency, ensuring a 14-hour train run from Nanning station, China to Yen Vien station, Vietnam.

Since the beginning of 2024, the Nanning Railway Bureau has expanded the freight gathering-transportation route, promoting the freight transport hub role of the Nanning International Railway Port. At the same time, it built a logistics plan suitable to each business to attract goods gathered at export ports to Vietnam.

Currently, more than 20 cities inside and outside the Guangxi autonomous region become cargo gathering points for intermodal freight trains to export to ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, Laos and Thailand./.