Vietnamese cement company exports more than 31,000 tons of products to US

Friday, 19/05/2023 20:53
In the middle of May 2023, the ship Eternity C received 31,500 tons of cement from Nghi Son Cement Factory port for export to Stockton Port, the US.
Nghi Son Cement exports 31,500 tons of products to the US market (Photo: VGP) 

This was the first shipment of Nghi Son Cement Company to export to the US market, one of the most selective markets in the world.

This shipment also marked the success in the export field of Nghi Son Cement Company, affirming the export capacity of this enterprise with the ability to meet the highest technical requirements, receiving ships of large load and able to reach many markets around the globe.

At Nghi Son Cement Factory, all stages of production and product quality control are supervised by Japanese experts. Nghi Son Cement fully meets international standards such as American standard ASTM, European standard BS EN, and GB standard.

The dedicated port of Nghi Son Cement Company with a modern delivery system can receive ships of 37,000 tons, always ready to meet the needs of transporting cement for export to many markets.

Cement exports fell sharply last year and continued to decline in the first 4 months of 2023. The total export volume of cement and clinker reached 10.25 million tons, worth USD445 million, down 25.8% from the same period.

Cement and clinker are mainly exported to Asian markets, such as the Philippines, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and China. However, the export situation has been getting more and more difficult since January 1, 2023, when the clinker export tax increased from 5 to 10%, while the Philippine market imposed a defensive tax on some Vietnamese enterprises.

The fact that Nghi Son Cement had an order to export to the US will pave the way for many subsequent shipments to this market. Before Nghi Son, a few Vietnamese cement enterprises exported to the US such as The Vissai Group.

This March, the Ho Chi Minh City-based Lotus Cement & Commodities Trading Corporation completed an order to export 55,000 tons of cement to Central America.

Nghi Son Cement is a joint venture between Vietnam Cement Corporation (Vicem) and two Japanese multinational corporations, Taiheiyo Cement (TCC) and Mitsubishi Materials (MMC), with a total production capacity in the main plant of 4.3 million tons per year./.

Compiled by BTA