Ambassador Giorgio Aliberti misses Vietnamese “bun cha”

Friday, 07/07/2023 09:07
At the end of his term of office, when asked what he would miss most when he left Vietnam, Ambassador Giorgio Aliberti, Head of the European Union Delegation to Vietnam, said he would miss the special taste of Hanoi “Bun Cha” - a dish that is hard to enjoy anywhere else.
Ambassador Giorgio Aliberti (Photo: European Union Delegation to Vietnam) 

During the process of carrying out the mission of linking the EU with Vietnam, Ambassador Aliberti had the opportunity to travel through many provinces and cities of Vietnam, seeing famous landscapes and enjoying typical dishes in each location. According to him, Vietnam has a lot of delicious dishes with great flavors, but the dish he would miss the most when he has to leave is probably Hanoi bun cha. “I will miss 'Bun Cha' very much,” said Mr. Aliberti.

This is not the first time Ambassador Giorgio Aliberti expressed his love for this dish. Previously, in another interview, when he had to choose between three dishes: Shan noodle of Malaysia, “Bun Cha” and “Pho” of Vietnam, he immediately chose "Bun Cha" as his favorite dish. He further shared that since arriving in Vietnam, his favorite coffee has gradually changed from Espresso (an Italian coffee) to iced milk coffee.

Bidding farewell after four years of working, Ambassador Aliberti was sad when he was familiar with the country and people of Vietnam. Before arriving in Vietnam, the wet weather in Hanoi made him nervous at first, but once he got used to it, he really liked this place.

He also felt regret when he came to Vietnam in 2019, when the COVID-19 pandemic started to break out, making everything that seemed difficult, now even more difficult. However, that gave him the opportunity to understand more about the culture here. "Beautiful - Lovely - Wonderful" are the three words he chose to describe the country and people of Vietnam.

Ambassador Giorgio Aliberti affirmed that in the future, regardless of his position, he will continue to act as a bridge and contribute to the relationship between Vietnam and the EU./.