Argentinean journal highlights values of Vietnam’s bamboo diplomacy

Thursday, 04/01/2024 09:10
Argentina’s Equilibrium Global news website has run a story highlighting the unique values of Vietnam’s “Bamboo diplomacy” and the rising role of the Southeast Asian country in the world arena.
Argentina’s Equilibrium Global news website runs a story highlighting the unique values of Vietnam’s “Bamboo diplomacy”. (Photo: VNA)

The article noted that throughout the Vietnamese history, foreign affairs have played an extremely important role, not only contributing to protecting the country's independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, but also helping to promote its national construction and development.

It said that at the National Conference on Foreign Affairs held in Hanoi on December 14, 2021, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong emphasised the determination to build and develop a modern Vietnamese diplomacy imbued with strong national identity – the “Vietnamese bamboo diplomacy”.

Vietnam’s external policy aims to ensure a peaceful and stable environment, taking advantage of favourable international factors for the national reform, protecting and enhancing the country’s position.

The journal commented that the “Bamboo diplomacy” of Vietnam shows the strategic balance in relations with world powers and the world based on the core principle of ensuring the national interest, independence and self-reliance in external relations, which have been deeply ingrained in President Ho Chi Minh's diplomatic ideology.

The article on Argentina’s Equilibrium Global news website. (Photo: VNA)

The article underlined that Vietnam has been elected to many international organisations and performed the role of Vice President of the UN General Assembly’s 77th session, a member of the UN Human Rights Council in the 2023-2025 tenure and the International Law Commission in the 2023-2027 tenure.

Vietnam’s engagement in meetings of many UN agencies have fully demonstrated the country's increasingly active position, role and contributions in bilateral and multilateral diplomacy and promoting international cooperation on the global scale. This is a vivid demonstration of achievements of the “Bamboo diplomacy,” it said.

The article added that the “Bamboo diplomacy” has elevated Vietnam's role in the international arena, helping the country maintain relations with world powers while ensuring national interests.

It affirmed that by applying the “Bamboo diplomacy,” Vietnam has affirmed that it is a trustworthy partner and an active and responsible member in the international and regional integration process./.

CPV (Source: VNA)