Cambodian scholar highly values Vietnam’s policy on overseas Vietnamese

Thursday, 13/04/2023 09:56
A scholar from the International Relations Institute under the Royal Academy of Cambodia has spoken highly of the Vietnamese Party and State’s attention to and policy on overseas Vietnamese (OVs), the community’s contributions to the homeland, as well as their growing role in host countries.
 Representatives of disadvantaged Vietnamese-origin families receive gifts ahead of the Lunar New Year. (Photo: VNA)

In his recent article posted on Cambodia’s Swiftnews website, Uch Leang, Deputy Director for Asian, African, and Middle East Studies at the International Relations Institute, highlighted some documents showing the Vietnamese Party and State’s viewpoints, guidelines, and policies for the last over 20 years, which identify OVs as an integral part of the Vietnamese nation.

Over the past years, the community has continually been growing, from 2.7 million in 2003 to more than 5.3 million in 130 countries and territories in 2022, with over 80% in developed nations.

He said the OV community is being diversified, including students, migrant workers, and those marrying foreigners, while their legal status, economic conditions, role, and reputation in the host countries have also been improved.

They are also becoming more confident and further aware of their role in contributing to the homeland, he noted.

Reviewing recent meetings between Vietnamese and Cambodian leaders, Uch Leang said that at those events, Vietnamese leaders often asked Cambodia to assist the Vietnamese citizens living and working in the country, support those scammed to Cambodia, and continue helping Vietnamese-Cambodians to settle down and integrate into the local society so that they can serve as a friendship bridge linking the two countries.

In response, the Cambodian side affirmed the stance on strengthening the countries’ solidarity under the motto of “good neighbourliness, traditional friendship, comprehensive cooperation, and long-term sustainability”. It also pledged to assist Vietnamese-Cambodians as well as citizens of other countries, according to the article.

The expert held that the enhancement and expansion of the great solidarity among the people, along with that between the Vietnamese at home and abroad has created positive improvements to the OV community and encouraged them to uphold patriotism and mutual support.

That has clearly reflected the Vietnamese Party and State’s sense of responsibility towards the community and also demonstrated the country’s open policy for its people abroad, Uch Leang added./.

CPV (Source: VNA)