Dien Bien Phu Victory highlighted on Italian press

Friday, 05/04/2024 15:40
An article on L’Unione Sarda news website of Italy honours the braveness of Vietnam through the Dien Bien Phu Victory 70 years ago.
The article on the Dien Bien Phu Victory published on L’Unione Sarda (Screenshot photo)

According to the Vietnam News Agency, in the article entitled “Vietnam, the Lesson Still Applies Today,” Antonio Barracca, the author, highlighted that Vietnam, a poor, predominantly agricultural nation then, managed to defeat the armies of two world powers.

The author visited Vietnam just a few years after the war ended. At that time, Hanoi was an agricultural city with few light bulbs to illuminate deserted streets populated by bicycles during the day. The only important buildings were those of the French colonization.

He underlined that the Dien Bien Phu battle in 1954 ended with the total victory of Vietnam, became a decisive battle ending the invasive war in Indochina. It led to the signing of the peace agreements concluded on 21 July 1954, according to which France had to accept to withdraw its troops from the entire Indochina.

On April 30, 1975, Vietnam once again defeated US troops and completely liberated the south and reunified the country, noted the author.

He emphasized that in these wars like that of Vietnam, it is the strongest who must put an end to the war “if we want right and not wrong to prevail”./.