Hanoi in foreigners’ eyes: place worth living with interesting experiences

Thursday, 15/09/2022 15:49
Hanoi has just been honored as "Asia's Leading City Break Destination" by the World Travel Awards, showing the attractiveness and charm of the capital. For many foreigners, Hanoi has long been a place worth living, a place for them to meet their love and give their lives. Yoon Kyu Hee, a young Korean businessman is such a person.

Loving Hanoi from the first experience

Yoon Kyu Hee, who was born in 1996, is currently Deputy Director General of NAFICO Auditing and Financial Consulting Co., Ltd. Only 26 years old, the young Korean businessman has a deep love for Vietnam. He has lived and worked for more than 20 years in the S-shaped land and considers Vietnam as his second homeland.

He speaks and writes Vietnamese language fluently. He even uses youth language very perfectly. He said that his family came to Hanoi to do business more than 20 years ago, when he was only 3 years old.

Yoon Kyu Hee (Photo: hanoimoi.com.vn) 

“I followed my parents to Hanoi when I was a child and I studied in Vietnam from elementary school to high school. I learned many things from here, including Vietnamese language. I always find Hanoi familiar and easy to live in. I vividly remember the first thing I tasted was sugarcane juice. It is a very tasty, sweet and cool drink. I fell in love with Hanoi when I was a 3-year-old boy," said Yoon Kyu Hee.

When his parents returned to the Republic of Korea (RoK), Yoon Kyu Hee inherited the company and decided to permanently settle in Vietnam to set up his career. Like many other Korean citizens, Yoon Kyu Hee still regularly returns to his homeland to fulfill his civic responsibilities and duties. After two years of military service (2018-2020) in RoK, the young man returned to Vietnam to continue pursuing his own dreams and ambitions.

“Vietnam is an easy place to live and worth living. I have a special affection for Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general. I want to spend my youth and love here,” shared Yoon Kyu Hee.

Hanoi is an ideal tourist destination

While living and working in Vietnam, the young Korean businessman has the opportunity to explore the cuisine, landscape and many destinations of Vietnam, such as: Da Nang, Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa), Hoi An (Quang Ninh) and Ha Long (Quang Ninh).

From 2010 to 2014, Yoon Kyu Hee also worked as an interpreter for many charity programs of the Korean Association in Vietnam. Trips to orphanage centers or villages in remote and difficult areas in Hanoi, Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Lai Chau provinces all left deep impressions on him; at the same time, they have helped him better understand the culture, life and people of Vietnam.

In spite of going to many places, the young Korean man still has the most love for Hanoi.

“In Hanoi, everything is available. Delicious food, beautiful scenery, the city is busy and bustling enough, but also very romantic and peaceful. I like to wander the ancient streets with my friends at night. I used to sit on the sidewalk on Ta Hien and Tong Duy Tan streets many times to drink beer and chat," Yoon Kyu Hee shared.

He likes to eat most Vietnamese dishes, but he especially likes “bun dau mam tom”, which include soft rice noodles, fried tofu, and fermented shrimp sauce.

“I was addicted to this dish from the first time I ate it. Every ingredient and seasoning is the perfect combination of color and taste. Many people can't eat fermented shrimp sauce, but I like it very much. During my 2 years of military service in the RoK, there were times when I missed this dish like… a person with morning sickness. When my duty was over, I immediately returned to Hanoi and ate to my heart's content. Later, I recommend this dish to all my friends from RoK to Vietnam,” Yoon Kyu Hee said with a smile.


The Temple of Literature in Hanoi (Photo: PANO) 

In the eyes of the young entrepreneur, Hanoi has both modern but ancient and youthful, but somewhere it still has a deep and profound appearance. “Hanoi has many tourist attractions that I have not discovered yet. Going to the pedestrian street at the weekend, it's really an interesting community space. There you can express all your emotions, mingle with dance clubs, listen to songs on the sidewalks... Hanoi also has many new night tours, many interesting tourist attractions in the suburbs. This city is really a destination with many experiences for foreigners,” the Korean man commented.

Recently, Hanoi was honored as "Asia's Leading City Break Destination" by the World Travel Awards, which is the pride of Hanoians. For a Korean businessman who has been with the capital for a long time, this is also good news for visitors.

"Hanoi deserves this title, because in Hanoi, there are many attractions, from cuisine, culture to exciting experiences," he commented.

However, he also suggested that in order to attract more tourists to Vietnam as well as Hanoi, especially international visitors, Hanoi needs to have more specific plans for entertainment, tourism, cuisine space; promote more high-end tourism products such as golf tourism, because this will be a "gold mine" for business travelers to stay for a long time.

“RoK is currently Vietnam's largest tourist market, in which it is also the largest golf tourist market. I believe that, in the future, many Koreans will come to Vietnam. If I have the opportunity, I will introduce to my friends Vietnam’s greatness, as well as interesting experiences in Hanoi, and good investment opportunities that I have been experiencing in my 20 years of living and working here," said businessman Yoon Kyu Hee./.