Hanoi leaps to Telegraph's top destinations

Monday, 17/07/2023 16:17
The Telegraph (UK) has just announced the 2023 Telegraph Travel Awards, based on the results of votes from 30,000 readers for destinations, airlines, yachts and travel agencies.
Hanoi ranks 27th in the list of favorite cities, voted by readers of the Telegraph. (Photo: VOV) 

Launched in 1998, the annual Telegraph Travel Awards has just returned to the 2023 rankings, after years of hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some 30,000 Telegraph readers voted in 20 categories in the travel industry, from the best destinations to the best airlines, yachts or tour operators.

This year, Cape Town (South Africa) ranked No. 1 in the top 10 cities in the world voted by Telegraph readers, while European cities made up the majority of the ranking. No Southeast Asian destination entered the top 10, only Singapore ranked 20th. Hanoi ranked 27th, among the top cities that have improved significantly compared to 2019 (up 27 places, from the first position 54 in 2019).

In the ranking of the top 10 cities outside Europe and America (Best in the rest of the world), destinations in Southeast Asia contributed 3 representatives, Singapore ranked 6th, Chiang Mai ranked 7th and Hanoi ranked 8th.

Since 2014, Vietnam has always been in the top 20 favorite countries of the Telegraph Travel Awards. In 2023, Vietnam continues to be in the top 20 with the 18th position, just after Thailand (19th position). In the top 10 favorite countries in Asia and the Middle East in 2023, Vietnam ranks third after Japan and Sri Lanka.

Compiled by BTA