Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, Head of the Vietnamese Delegation to the UN, attended a conference. (Photo: VNA)

So said Indian Ambassador Tirumurti, Head of India's Permanent Mission to the UN, on the occasion of Vietnam’s successful completion of its tenure as a non-permanent member of the UNSC in 2020-2021.

According to the Indian Ambassador, it is clear that Vietnam has played a very active role in the UNSC. Vietnam and India have cooperated very closely with each other at all levels, especially in the past year. Vietnam successfully assumed the presidency of the UN for two months.

Vietnam and India worked closely together to reach consensus on many important documents such as the Resolution or the President's Statement.

The leaders of the two countries also had a very close cooperative relationship when discussing important issues on the agenda of the UN.

Regarding Vietnam’s initiatives proposed at the UNSC, he said that Vietnam had focused on prioritizing a number of important issues, such as promoting a resolution on protecting infrastructure in conflict.

“Vietnam also has a Presidential Statement on the issue of landmines, which I consider very important, especially in the context of terrorist forces targeting peacekeepers,” he said. “We also participated in Vietnam's open discussion on cooperation between the UN and regional organizations chaired by the President of Vietnam.”

He added that as an ASEAN member, Vietnam brought an important perspective to the discussions of the UNSC, especially on the Myanmar issue. “India supports all of Vietnam's initiatives, because the two countries are Asian countries and have much in common on issues of the same priorities. I highly appreciate the initiatives that Vietnam launched at the UNSC,” he went on to say.

Regarding hot issues in 2022, the Indian Ambassador mentioned the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing number of conflicts in the world, and terrorism./.

Compiled by BTA