International friends impressed by SEA Games 31 opening ceremony

Sunday, 15/05/2022 09:21
Deputy General Director of the Cambodia News Agency, Mr. Yutkhun Hun, said he was impressed with the grand opening ceremony of SEA Games 31 on May 12, which he said was imbued with the friendship of Southeast Asian countries.

SEA Games 31 officially kicks off in Hanoi

The opening ceremony of SEA Games 31 impresses international friends.
(Photo: VNA)

The SEA Games 31 opening ceremony officially took place at the My Dinh National Stadium with the meaningful message "For a stronger Southeast Asia."

Attending the event, many international friends expressed their praise for the organization of the opening ceremony in particular as well as SEA Games 31 in general by the host country Vietnam.

"This is my third visit to Vietnam. We came at the invitation of Vietnam News Agency to learn about the organization of SEA Games 31,” said Deputy General Director of the Cambodia News Agency, Mr. Yutkhun Hun. “I find out that Vietnamese friends are very hospitable, especially, the culture and life of Vietnam and Cambodia are very close."

“I am especially impressed with the SEA Games 31 opening ceremony. Over the past few days, Vietnam has also organized very well SEA Games 31, especially in providing accommodations, as well as well arranged organization of competitions," he added.

Sports reporter from Thailand Ratchannipong Vorasarin was also impressed with the organization of SEA Games 31 from the early days to the official opening ceremony. "This is my second visit to Vietnam. I am very impressed with the exciting sports atmosphere in the stadiums,” he said, adding that the day before, when he came to the Thien Truong Stadium to witness the football match between the two teams that was not the Vietnamese team; however, the stadium was full and there was no space left and he was really impressed by the rare passionate atmosphere. “At the SEA Games 31 opening ceremony, I and all international friends are welcome and provided the best possible working conditions," he went on to say.

Before the opening ceremony, in the waiting room, athletes from countries in Southeast Asia also expressed satisfaction with the organization. International friends present at My Dinh yard was satisfied with the friendliness and hospitality of Vietnamese people.

Athlete Imbrolia De Araujo Dos Reis Amorin (Taekwondo), who held the flag of Timor Leste during the opening ceremony shared his feeling he attended the SEA Games before in the Philippines, but everything was really different in Vietnam. “Before coming to Vietnam, I thought I would have communication problems because Vietnamese people don't speak much English. However, when I came here, I realized that your kindness is the best language," he said.

Not only international friends, thousands of fans at the My Dinh National Stadium also shared the impression and pride in the organization of event./.

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