Lao students: In Vietnam we feel like in our own country!

Wednesday, 07/09/2022 15:25
On the occasion of the Vietnam-Laos Solidarity and Friendship Year 2022, Lao students at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV) shared their feelings of friendship, striving to follow in the footsteps of their previous generations to cultivate and develop the special relationship between the two countries.

Education is a fundamental and key cooperation field of the Vietnam-Laos friendly relationship.

DAV is one of the units that train many generations of Lao students. Every year, about 100 Lao students study at the academy, pursuing bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in 3 majors of international relations, international law and international economics.

The quality of Lao students has been increasingly improved, and Lao students have always actively participated in cultural and social work movements launched by the academy.

Traditional Lao New Year held at the DAV (Photo: TDO) 

For many Lao students, Vietnam is like their second home. Having studied and lived in Vietnam, they always feel like they are in their own homeland.

When asked about their study experience in Vietnam, Lao students at the academy shared their excitement and impression about the people and country of Vietnam. They all feel lucky to be studying here.

Second-year international student Mixay Vanphachith shared, “I feel that Vietnamese people are very kind and friendly. In particular, Vietnam is very beautiful, with many attractive tourist destinations. I am very happy to study in Vietnam.”

“I have passed half of my study program, I really feel the love of the Vietnamese people for us. Besides studying, I also spend time exploring the beautiful country of Vietnam with ideal tourist destinations.”

Vietnam gives international students a feeling of familiarity and closeness, and the people are as friendly as their fellow countrymen. That is what makes Ketsana Keobounmee feel happiest when studying in Vietnam.

“My first impression is the love Vietnamese people have for us. My classmates always help and give me a lot of love like family members.When I know that I am Lao, people around me in daily life care for me and tell me interesting stories in Vietnam, making me feel close to my hometown", Ketsana Keobounmee shared.

Lao students at the academy in particular and in Vietnam in general cherish the Vietnam-Laos friendship and always keep in mind that they will do their best to cultivate this special and rare relationship.

According to Ketsana Keobounmee, "Vietnam-Laos friendship is very deep and I am very proud to be sent to Vietnam to study. My grandfather also loves Vietnam and used to stand side by side with the Vietnamese army and people to fight the French colonialists, so I am very happy to come to Vietnam to study with the hope that in the future I can contribute more to the relationship between the two countries, connecting the people of the two countries together.”

The student is also very excited about his studies in Vietnam and is always grateful for the policies that the Vietnamese Government has for Lao students.

Each generation of Lao students who come to Vietnam to study is aware of their responsibility to develop stronger ties between the two countries.

Student Deneta Latsavong shared: “The Vietnam-Laos relationship is a particularly deep and intimate relationship. I believe that people will be the factor contributing to tightening the affection between the two countries.”

Lao students all have the same feeling that, not just a bilateral relationship, now, in the "common roof" of ASEAN, the two countries always support and help each other in development and support policies.

Every Lao student who comes to Vietnam carries with them a mind that will always strive to cultivate the special friendship, solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between Laos and Vietnam./.

Compiled by BTA