'President Ho Chi Minh is the soul of the Vietnamese revolution'

Friday, 17/05/2024 16:30
President of the Argentina-Vietnam Culture Institute (ICAV) Poldi Sosa Schmidt has affirmed that President Ho Chi Minh, the soul of the Vietnamese revolution, sacrificed his entire life for the liberation struggle of the Vietnamese people, and that President Ho Chi Minh sacrificed his life for the liberation struggle of the Vietnamese people.
President Ho Chi Minh spoke at the Congress of Heroes and Soldiers emulating against America and saving the country in December 1966, in Hanoi. (Photo: VNA)

She made the statement with the press on the occasion of President Ho Chi Minh’s 134th birthday (May 19).

Ms. Poldi Sosa, 80 years old, recalled that since she first came to Vietnam in 1997, she had been to Vietnam 26 times and every time she comes to Hanoi, she visits President Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum.

At the end of her memoir about her life, she wrote, "Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese people play an extremely important role in my life."

Ms. Poldi Sosa emphasized that she was extremely impressed and moved by his extraordinary efforts. He traveled to many places around the world, worked hard, and experienced the working life of working people.

He studied and approached progressive revolutionary ideology, thereby finding the most suitable path to liberate the Vietnamese people from the yoke of French colonialism. What President Ho Chi Minh contributed to Vietnam and humanity is truly wonderful.

President Ho Chi Minh was not only a great patriot but also an outstanding soldier in the international communist movement and national liberation movement of the 20th century.

Standing in front of a picture of President Ho Chi Minh solemnly hung in the house where she lived, Ms. Poldi Sosa recalled that as a representative of Indochina in the French Communist Party, President Ho Chi Minh always made the most of every forum to call for attention and support from communists in the "home country" for the liberation movement in the colonies.

She recounted a very interesting story that took place in January 1924 when Uncle Ho came to Moscow to visit and mourn Lenin. In the bitter cold -30 degrees Celsius of the Russian winter, a member of the Argentine Communist Party, Mr. Miguel Contreras, also stood in line to pay his respects to Lenin, next to the young Vietnamese man, Nguyen Ai Quoc. The two Communist Party members got acquainted with each other.

In articles written later, Mr. Contreras recounted that at that time, President Ho Chi Minh asked him a lot about the country and people of Argentina, and that President Ho Chi Minh was a very special and talented person. During his years working in Europe, President Ho Chi Minh still kept in touch with his Argentine friend, Contreras.

President Ho Chi Minh's contributions are invaluable assets to the Vietnamese revolution and the world revolution, according to Ms. Poldi Sosa.

Under the leadership of the Communist Party and President Ho Chi Minh, the Vietnamese people won a resounding victory in the August Revolution, establishing the Democratic Republic of Vietnam; and won the resistance war against the French and the US, to completely liberate the South and unify the country./.

Compiled by BTA