Six Vietnamese people honored National Assembly of Bulgaria

Monday, 08/01/2024 15:33
Speaker of the National Assembly of Bulgaria Rosen Dimitrov Jeliazkov met Vietnamese people who used to learn or work in Bulgaria in Hanoi on January 7 evening within the framework of his official visit to Vietnam.

Speaker Rosen Dimitrov Jeliazkov presents the Bulgarian NA’s certificates of merit to six Vietnamese individuals (Photo: VNA)

On this occasion, Speaker Rosen Dimitrov Jeliazkov awarded the Bulgarian NA’s certificates of merit to six Vietnamese individuals with outstanding achievements in the people-to-people diplomacy and important contributions to the two countries’ friendship and solidarity.

In the 1950-1980 period, there are around 30,000 Vietnamese people who studied and worked in Bulgaria.

He emphasized that these people are important factors ensuring the success of bilateral collaboration in the process of promoting cooperation between the two countries, expressing his hope that this community will bring their affection, knowledge, and experience from studying and working in Bulgaria to further tighten the Bulgaria-Vietnam friendship and cooperation.

The Speaker said that Bulgaria and Vietnam have huge potential for cooperation in the fields of economics, culture and education. Bulgaria can be a gateway for Vietnam to approach the European market and vice versa, and the latter a bridge for the former to access the ASEAN market.

Speaking at the event, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam-Bulgaria Friendship Association Nguyen Truong Son said Vietnamese people who used to study and work in Bulgaria always bear in mind the support of the Government and people of Bulgaria./.