Turkish people appreciate search and rescue efforts of Vietnamese Defense Ministry delegation

Saturday, 18/02/2023 04:18
As of 1pm on February 16 (local time, or 5pm Vietnam time), the rescue mission of the Vietnam People's Army found 5 locations where victims had been buried, 2 positions that have signs of life. The delegation handed over the position to the Turkish rescue force.
A rescue team of the Vietnam People's Army (People's Army) participates in assisting in overcoming the aftermath of an earthquake in Hatay province, Turkey, on February 15. (Photo: VNA)

The Turkish people have expressed their gratitude for the efforts of the Vietnamese People's Army's rescue team to find the dead and living victims. The team's actions gave them faith and hope that they could meet again or find their loved ones buried in the rubble.

Meanwhile, with the efforts of the whole team, after 3 working days, the rescue team of the Ministry of National Defense achieved very positive results in finding 11 locations with buried victims, including 2 cases with signs of life. The results contributed to raising the spirit of the whole delegation, ready to overcome harsh conditions to successfully complete the tasks assigned by the Party and State.

As of 7pm on the same day (Vietnam time), Turkey recorded a total of 36,187 deaths and 108,061 injuries. The Anadolu news agency reported the discovery and life of 17-year-old Abuzer Baran Bakır, who had been buried for days under the rubble, with the help of modern specialized equipment and the sniffer dogs from the Vietnamese rescue force.

According to the Anadolu news agency, when meeting members of the Vietnamese delegation, Turkish locals always put their right hand on their left chest to show their gratitude and appreciation to the rescuers from remote Vietnam./.

Compiled by BTA