Turkish people thank Vietnamese People's Army rescue forces for companionship

Monday, 20/02/2023 15:21
The determination, brave spirit, and refusal to fear difficulties and suffering of the rescue forces of the Vietnam People's Army participating in rescue work in Turkey after the terrible earthquake on February 6 left a very deep impression on the people of the host country. Wherever they went, Uncle Ho's soldiers received the love and gratitude of the Turkish people.
The Turkish people appreciate the efforts of the Vietnamese rescue forces. (Photo: VNA)

Mr. Selman otùrk, a Turkish citizen, choked and repeatedly thanked the officers and soldiers of the Vietnam People's Army. He stated: "Thank you very much, thank you for accompanying us, sharing with us through this difficult time. Thank you very much!"

Lucky to have survived the devastating earthquake, Mr. Zakaria is always struggling to find his loved ones under the rubble. Therefore, he is very grateful when Vietnamese rescue forces are present in Turkey, accompanying the government and people of his country in searching for victims of the earthquake. He said: "Thank you to the Vietnamese people and army for helping us find family members who are trapped in the rubble. Thank you, Vietnamese friends."

With Major General Pham Van Ty, Standing Deputy Chief of the Office of the National Committee for Incident and Disaster Response and Search and Rescue, and Deputy Director of the Rescue Department (Vietnam People's Army General Staff Department), the commander-in-chief of the Vietnam People's Army staff in supporting Turkey, it was the eyes and bows of the people that helped the officers and soldiers in the mission relieve their fatigue, forgetting all difficulties and hardships, determined to complete the only goal of saving people. He said that when the Vietnamese delegation arrived at the scene, they were greeted respectfully by the Turkish people by placing their right hand on their left chest. Families with relatives trapped in the rubble are urgently asking the Vietnamese delegation to help locate them soon. The Turkish rescue force also asked the Vietnamese delegation to quickly find a location to serve as a basis for the host country's rescue force to soon bring victims out of the rubble.

He shared that for the Vietnamese delegation, when they felt such affection, finding a victim's body also brought Uncle Ho's soldiers tears of happiness. He emphasized that all officers and soldiers in the rescue team of Vietnam in general and of the Vietnam People's Army in particular always have the will to be determined, not fear hardships or death for a noble international mission. This affirms the Vietnamese tradition of loving people. This is also the motivation for the officers and soldiers in the delegation to consider the search for the Turkish people as looking for their own relatives./.

Compiled by BTA