Uncle Ho monument in La Habana - a familiar space for Vietnam lovers

Thursday, 30/05/2024 08:15
(CPV) - Local people, from the elderly to young children, are familiar with the shady trees surrounding Uncle Ho monument - a noble symbol of the exemplary special friendship of Vietnam and Cuba.
President Ho Chi Minh Monument at the park named after him in the capital La Habana. (Photo: VNA)

It is not difficult to see all over Cuba and right in the capital La Habana works named after heroes or historical places of Vietnam. Prominent among many works bearing the mark of Vietnam is the monument of President Ho Chi Minh at the park named after him in the capital La Habana. For more than 20 years, this location has been a familiar space for those who love Vietnam, becoming a noble symbol of the special and exemplary friendship throughout history between the Vietnamese and Cuban peoples.

Architect Joel Díaz Gutiérrez was in charge of designing and supervising the construction of the monument, while the bronze bust was cast by Vietnamese artisans.

During his official visit to Cuba in October 2002, the late Prime Minister Phan Van Khai presented this statue to Cuban friends. The work was then completed on the occasion of Uncle Ho's 113th birth anniversary (May 19, 2003).

Architect Joel is over 90 this year. Throughout his life, this is the project of which he is most proud and most honored. Mr. Joel spent most of his life cultivating the Cuba-Vietnam friendship and greatly admired beloved President Ho Chi Minh.

Located on one of the largest streets in the capital La Habana, Ho Chi Minh Park covers 5,600 square meters. The monument of President Ho Chi Minh is located on a red marble base of 54 square meters, symbolizing the 54 groups of Vietnam. In the middle of the marble floor is a 5-pointed star made of yellow flowers - the image of the Vietnamese National Flag. The statue's stone pillar is made of white marble without any decorative patterns or motifs, reminiscent of the simple image of Uncle Ho.

The protective frame above, consisting of 4 red painted iron bars that stand out against the green background of the park, connects into a pyramid symbolizing the Vietnamese conical hat. Of the 4 iron bars, 3 bars represent 3 predecessor organizations of the Communist Party of Vietnam; and the remaining bar represents the Communist International.

The convergence point right at the top of the monument is the honor of President Ho Chi Minh in uniting revolutionary forces to work towards the common goal of national liberation.

The thick bamboo grove behind the monument creates a landscape similar to Vietnam. This is the bamboo variety selected in Cuba. The towering ancient trees behind them are arranged to remind of the mountains and forests of the Viet Bac war zone and Dien Bien Phu, where Uncle Ho lived and led the Vietnamese revolution./.

Thuy Linh