Uruguayan press hails 94-year glorious history of Communist Party of Vietnam

Sunday, 04/02/2024 12:33
The Grupo Multimedio of Uruguay ran a series of three articles on both its printed and electronic newspapers highlighting the 94-year glorious history of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) on the occasion of the CPV’s foundation anniversary (February 3, 1930 – 2024).
An article on Vietnam's attraction of semiconductor investors on Grupo Multimedio (Photo: VNA) 

In an article, author Leonardo Pérez Piña, affirmed the leadership role of the CPV which led the Vietnamese working class and nation in the struggle against imperialism and feudalism. Only 15 years after its foundation, the Party successfully led the August Revolution to topple colonial and feudal regimes and establish the first State of workers and farmers in Southeast Asia, opening up a new era in Vietnam’s history.

The Party then led the Vietnamese people to conduct resistance wars against aggressive French colonialists from 1946-1954 and against the US for national salvation from 1954-1975.

The article also highlighted the sound policy of the CPV in launching the Doi Moi (renewal) in 1986, which brought about admirable economic accomplishments after nearly 40 years. In external relations, Vietnam has set up diplomatic relations with nearly 200 countries and partnerships at difference levels with dozens of states.

Another article in the series highlighted Vietnam’s attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI) over the past 35 years. Pérez Piña assessed that Vietnam’s flexible and sound policy had successfully attracted nearly 439 billion USD worth of investment from 129 economies by the end of 2023, with 274 billion USD disbursed.

An article praises CPV on its 94th founding anniversary (Photo: VNA) 

According to the article, the expansion of economic diplomacy by the CPV and the Vietnamese Government has created greater opportunities in drawing quality investment capital in new industries.

Yet another article of Pérez Piña underlined Vietnam’s policy considering the semiconductor industry a spearhead industry in the future, noting that many US companies had inked deals on investment in Vietnam in this area./.          

CPV (Source: VNA)