US activist: CPV stands as linchpin behind every Vietnam’s success

Sunday, 04/02/2024 12:32
Reflecting on the glorious 94-year journey, the leadership role of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) stands as a decisive factor behind every achievement and success of Vietnam, said Merle Ratner, a renowned left-wing and anti-war activist in the US.
Merle Ratner, a renowned left-wing and anti-war activist in the US (Photo: VNA) 

In an interview granted to the Vietnam News Agency in New York on February 2, Ratner extolled the CPV's leadership in steering Vietnam toward complete independence and national unity. She viewed that historical victory as a great source of inspiration for national liberation movements, class liberation and a shining example for oppressed peoples around the world. 

Politically, Ratner asserted that national independence, self-determination, and socialism are prerequisites and necessary conditions for the entire Party, army and people of Vietnam to overcome all historical challenges. The CPV has indeed realised the ideal of acting for the people, taking the people as a foundation, and has achieved numerous great achievements in many aspects.

With a strong revolutionary spirit and buoyant optimism, Vietnam has overcome the pain of war to rise and become a dynamic economy, with average incomes and the people's lives becoming increasingly prosperous and happy, she said.

In her view, the CPV's policy for developing a market-oriented socialist economy is a distinctive feature that has enabled Vietnam to seize development opportunities and achieve significant socio-economic accomplishments. The CPV has succeeded in its endeavour to build a democratic, fair and civilised society.

She highly valued Vietnam's position and significant contributions to the global left-wing movement, South-South cooperation, multilateral and regional organisations such as the United Nations and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), adding that many countries consider Vietnam a role model in the cause of safeguarding national self-determination, sovereignty, and building socialism.

In a constantly changing world with the rise of right-wing nationalism and heightened competition among major powers, Ratner believed that Vietnam's foreign policy of the "4 no's" and the "diplomacy of bamboo" - which means being flexible in practice but extremely firm on principles - is proving correct, contributing to helping Vietnam ensure peace, independence, sovereignty and reap significant achievements./.

CPV (Source: VNA)