Vietnam among 7 prominent economies: Financial Times

Thursday, 29/09/2022 11:35
The Financial Times (UK) has just published an article by author Ruchir Sharma with the content of appreciating economic performance results that 7 countries, including Vietnam, have achieved in the context of the world facing many difficulties with bleak outlook.
Vietnam named among 7 prominent economies

According to the author of the article, during the current gloomy economic period when experts are forecasting recession and inflation in most countries, there are still some economies that record positive development, in contrast to the overarching pessimistic picture.

Prominent economies include Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Greece, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

These economies have relatively high growth, moderate inflation, or high stock market returns compared to other economies.

According to the author, it is not surprising that Vietnam is listed among the 7 countries with effective economic activities, showing that its Government’s policies are effective. Thanks to strong investment in infrastructure for export production and opening of the economy, Vietnam is growing by nearly 7%. This is the fastest growth rate in the world.

With the remaining economies on the list, the article also provides analysis and comments on the factors that help each country avoid the global economic recession./.