Vietnam makes significant contributions to AIPA: Secretary General

Saturday, 05/08/2023 18:15
Vietnam has made significant contributions to the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) in general and the 44th AIPA General Assembly in particular, AIPA Secretary General Siti Rozaimeriyanty Dato Haji Abdul Rahman has affirmed.

In an interview granted to the Vietnam News Agency (VNA)’s correspondents in Indonesia, Rahman said as an active participant in AIPA meetings, Vietnam has consistently provided constructive inputs and initiatives aimed at enhancing the effectiveness and relevance of AIPA.

AIPA Secretary General Siti Rozaimeriyanty Dato Haji Abdul Rahman. (Photo: VOV)

With the highest number of female National Assembly deputies, Vietnam emerges as one of the leaders in promoting women’s political participation in the region, she said, adding this commitment aligns with Women Parliamentarians of AIPA (WAIPA)'s current initiatives on promoting women’s leadership and resilience through women’s political participation, which will be implemented this year.
Regarding the 44th AIPA General Assembly, Rahman noted her belief that Vietnam will again play a crucial role in driving discussions and shaping outcomes.

Vietnam has proposed three draft resolutions aimed at addressing key regional challenges and fostering cooperation among AIPA member parliaments, she said, stressing the country’s proposals for three draft resolutions demonstrate its dedication to issues such as promoting innovation, science-technology development, and digital transformation, with women as a focus.

As the host of the 14th Meeting of AIPA Caucus, the Vietnamese NA launched the Practical Handbook on Promoting the Application of ASEAN Guidelines for Responsible Investment in Food, Agriculture, and Forestry to be tabled at the 44th AIPA General Assembly.

By addressing these pressing concerns, Vietnam contributes to the overall objectives of the 44th AIPA General Assembly in providing effective parliamentary measures for more responsive ASEAN parliament.

Vietnam's active participation and constructive contributions to AIPA meetings, including to the soon-coming 44th AIPA General Assembly, highlight its commitment to the betterment of AIPA and its dedication to the principles and goals of the organisation, she said.

According to Rahman, the 44th AIPA General Assembly’s theme of “Responsive Parliaments for a Stable and Prosperous ASEAN” is in line with the theme of Indonesia's ASEAN Chairmanship – “ASEAN Matter: Epicentrum of Growth.”

“Responsive” refers to the ability of parliaments to be more adaptive in addressing the dynamics that affect the region. “Stable” refers to the importance of maintaining stability and security in the region, which is crucial amidst political and security challenges. “Prosperous” touches on ASEAN's aspirations to create prosperity for all people in the region, without discrimination of any kind.

She emphasised that there are a lot of potential that AIPA member parliaments can do to maintain regional peace, security, and stability in ASEAN, saying they can play a vital role through enhanced cooperation and proactive measures such as strengthening legislative cooperation through regular communication, exchange of information, and sharing best practices.

Aligning legislative approaches in areas such as counterterrorism, cybersecurity, maritime security, and transnational crime can develop a unified front against common threats to regional peace and stability, she said.

AIPA member parliaments can support existing regional mechanisms, such as the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) and ASEAN Defence Ministers' Meeting (ADMM), she suggested, explaining through parliamentary oversight, legislation, and budgeting, AIPA member parliaments can ensure the effective functioning of these mechanisms.

AIPA member parliaments can also engage with think tanks, academic institutions, civil society, and non-governmental organisations to promote inclusive decision-making.

They also play an important role in facilitating regional economic integration, and economic stability is a crucial component of regional peace and stability, she said./.

CPV (Source: VNA)