Vietnamese bread listed in top 24 best sandwiches in the world

Monday, 24/04/2023 16:32
Recently, the travel page of CNN Magazine published an article suggesting 24 types of the world's best sandwiches, including Vietnamese “banh mi” (baguette).
Vietnamese banh mi (Photo: VNA)

This site says that there is hardly a country on this planet that does not think of some kind of cake with some kind of core ingredient. And in a way, walking around the world's sandwiches is like traveling the world.

Banh mi is currently being sold on food carts on almost every street corner in Ho Chi Minh City, as well as all over Vietnam, and is widely loved even outside the country's borders, the article described.

Banh mi is a rustic dish in Vietnam. The street food is considered something that tourists must try when coming to Vietnam, especially in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh or Hoi An ancient town. Banh mi is crispy on the outside, soft and succulent on the inside, served with pork, raw vegetables, meat rolls, sausages, pate and many other ingredients, depending on the region.

Besides Vietnamese banh mi, some other types of sandwiches in the world are also mentioned such as: Pan Bagnat (France); Smørrebrød (Denmark); Spatlo (South Africa); bacon sandwich Montreal (Canada); Po'boy (New Orleans, USA); Fricassé (Tunisia); and Cuban sandwiches./.

Compiled by BTA