Vietnamese pho loved by ASEAN friends in Malaysia

Wednesday, 01/06/2022 11:33
The leader of ALC Philippines shared that she had watched a lot of pho (noodle) cooking videos on YouTube and tried to make it many times but she could not make it as delicious as enjoyed at this event.

Vietnamese beef noodle soup ranks 2nd of 20 best soups in the world by CNN

A Vietnamese pho restaurant at Utama Shopping Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Photo: VNA)

In the framework of the recent meeting of the wives and female officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia and the representative offices of ASEAN countries (ALC) in Malaysia, the unique cultural features, some famous places Typical scenes, as well as Vietnamese cuisine have been introduced to friends from other countries.

At the event, the ALC Vietnam team introduced the unique culinary features of Vietnam such as beef noodle soup and fried spring rolls, receiving enthusiastic response and many compliments from ASEAN friends in the local area. In particular, pho always makes an impression on international friends.

Ms. Maria Victoria H.Josse, team leader of ALC Philippines, shared that she had watched a lot of pho cooking videos on YouTube and tried many times but could not make it as delicious as enjoyed at this event. She said her family also loves Vietnamese pho.

Meanwhile, when being asked about her favourite Vietnamese dish, Ms. Kiki Hermono, the leader of ALC Indonesia, didn't think twice and immediately confirmed it was pho.

She shared that a Vietnamese friend taught her to cook pho and she also consulted many Vietnamese cooking channels, but she never found all the right ingredients as required and could not cook it as well as what she ate at the event.

ASEAN friends all said that pho is a sophisticated but delicious dish thanks to the perfect combination of all ingredients. They all have in common that they love pho and try to cook it.

Ms. Nonee Rahim of ALC Singapore said that she often goes to Vietnamese restaurants across Malaysia to enjoy pho.

Pho is considered one of the most typical Vietnamese dishes and has been appreciated by global travel magazines for decades. Vietnamese people can eat pho in the morning, at lunch and at night. This simple dish but with many characteristics of Vietnamese cuisine is also very popular with international friends. In many international exchange events, pho is often chosen by the Vietnamese delegation to introduce Vietnamese cuisine to world friends. Vietnamese Pho is well received around the world, and is present in many countries such as Singapore, Japan, Australia, Germany, UK, USA and Brazil./.

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