Vietnamese ST25 rice on menu of Japanese Cabinet Office

Wednesday, 07/09/2022 16:14
For the first time, Vietnam's ST25 rice was put into processing dishes on the menu of the Japanese Cabinet Office.
"Lunch special" at the cafeteria of the Japanese Cabinet Office, when fried rice is made from Vietnamese ST 25 rice (Photo: 

According to information from the Vietnam Trade Office in Japan, for the first time, Vietnam's ST25 rice has been included in the menu of the Japanese Cabinet Office.

On September 2, fried rice using ST25 rice ingredients from Vietnam became a "special lunch" at the Japanese Cabinet Office.

Mr. Ta Duc Minh, Vietnam Trade Counselor in Japan, said that this is the result after a long time of Nikkokutrust Company, a large enterprise specializing in providing meals at schools and offices in Japan, successfully brought ST25 rice into the kitchen of the Japanese Cabinet to use in processing dishes provided to the staff of this agency.

A representative of Spice House Co., Ltd., a distributor of ST25 rice in Japan, said that ST25 rice had won the title "The best rice in the world" in 2019 and is trusted by many people. Therefore, Spice House has cooperated with Kiraboshi Bank and Suntomi International Company (importing company) to bring ST25 rice from Vietnam to Japanese consumers.

In the brochure located at the Cabinet Office of Japan, the ST25 fragrant rice is famous delicious rice from Vietnam and fully introduced from planting, quality monitoring, harvesting, packaging and preservation; the processes are strictly controlled to ensure the quality of fragrant and firm rice grains, and naturally sweet rice grains.

After more than 1 year of negotiation and quality control, Spice House Co., Ltd. has succeeded in bringing ST25 rice to consumers in Japan.

According to Mr. Ta Duc Minh, in order to bring ST25 rice into the Japanese market, Vietnamese enterprises must pass more than 600 strict technical standards and the very high requirements of Japanese consumers.

In the catalogs introducing ST25 rice products at previous stalls introducing Vietnamese rice products, Vietnamese rice was used in menus such as grilled chicken rice, fried rice, and fried beef rice. These are very typical dishes showing Vietnam's own branded agricultural products, but harmoniously combined with Japanese cuisine.

The export of ST25 rice to the Japanese market is proof that Vietnam not only exports a lot of rice, but also exports delicious rice, which meets the very high standards of the Japanese market./.

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