Contest to learn about homeland's sea and islands held during trip to Truong Sa

Wednesday, 26/04/2023 10:42
A contest to learn about the homeland's sea and islands was held during the trip to Truong Sa Archipelago and DK1 platform from April 18-23.
Overseas Vietnamese delegates visit Truong Sa (Photo: 

According to the Organizing Board, this is the first time the contest has been organized on the 10th trip of the journey with many overseas Vietnamese to visit Truong Sa.

The contest took place on the evening of April 20 with the participation of 9 teams with three rounds of multiple choice questions. The first round had 10 questions at an easy level to choose six teams for the second round. The second round had 10 multiple choice questions at a moderate level to select three teams for the final round. The final round had five questions which had to be answered directly and multiple choice questions.

In the end, the team from the Vietnam Red Cross Society Central Committee won the first prize.

Nguyen Thanh Son, former Vietnamese Ambassador to the Russian Federation, former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Chairman of the State Commission for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs, said that 2023 is the 10th time that the overseas Vietnamese delegation, now with 47 overseas Vietnamese delegates from 22 countries, visits Truong Sa. This is a meaningful trip to meet the aspirations and feelings of overseas Vietnamese, who always look to the beloved homeland. Since then, they have continued to make material and spiritual contributions as well as research and collect information and documents to protect Vietnam’s interests in the field of the sea and islands, to contribute their voices to the cause of protecting the sea and islands of the country./.